Fashion industry constant growing has made it as one  of  popular  targeted  bussiness and high demand of skillful  human  resources  for its field  has challenged the Fashion School to have  the  ability  to  produce  qualified  students  in  the  knowledge to control the trending season, to choose  the  right  materials  and  colors  to  match  with the ongoing season and lifestyle, etc.

PISON Art N Fashion Foundation, founded by young fashion designer, Elizabeth Njo May Fen,       aimed to inspired young people to dig and develop their art potential. She  also developed special syllabus of Pattern Design Technique which is very easy to understand  and to apply practically even by new students. She has a dream to inspire  every  student  to  be  Fashion  Entrepreneur, so Indonesia will be a  noticeable country in fashion industry in the world.

To achieve that goal, PISON Art N Fashion Foundation  has   a unique agenda. Collaborates with  its  student, alumni, teacher and the   shopping malls, they bring a professional Fashion  Show and Fashion Display continuously every month since 2009. That  agenda  is remarkable  amongst  the  local  society,  national media. Its  obviously  has brought new atmosphere, spirit,  and  offer  knowledge of trending fashion to the audiences in the shopping malls.

Along with the  positive response  from the students, teachers, society and media, PISON Art N  Fashion  Foundation  finally  build   a  Design Service Center.  Together  with  the  founder, this   service   is   made  to  give  a  job  oppurtunity  for  the  fresh  graduated,  especially  in Made-to-Measure  Couture Gown. Starting from 2014, This  service  also  supported  by  Online  Shop  and  Selling  Booth  which practically support  them  to  start  building  their  own  label  in  ready  to  wear  fashion  line  in Fashion Bussiness.