Art of Draping

Art Of Draping is a special  program  to  make  ready to  wear  clothes, Gown and Bridal Gown using Pop Cutting Technique on dummy or live model.  Art of Draping program is for those who love to design, but having poor dimensional imagine  and  difficulty to understand the flat  pattern drawing. This program also help the designer to get an idea and to create extra volume in their design.


  • Basic Block
  • Contouring & Style Line on live model
  • Pop Cutting For Basic Bodice Block on Dummy
  • Draping For Display on dummy
  • Draping For Wrap Fashion on live model
  • Draping For Simple Fashion ( ready to  wear )
  • Draping For Couture ( evening gown & wedding gown ) s.a Pleats effect, cowl / drape effect, braid & weave effect, volume, 3d effect, etc
  • Corset Manipulation ( make a corset dress )
  • Fashion Embellishment *


  • GROUP DEAL Duration : 1 year program ( twice a week @3 hours ) Quota. Min 6 person Max. 10 person
  • SEMI PRIVATE Duration : 1 year program ( twice a week @3 hours )Quota. Min. 2 person Max. 6 person